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糖心蛋加上它,蛋壳碰就掉,煮也不会裂,100% 完美黄金蛋黄!


Adding it to the egg, the shell will fall off when it touches, and it will not crack when cooked, 100% perfect golden egg!

Hello everyone, welcome to daily ideas. Everyone actually likes to eat baked eggs, but it ’s not cheap to sell outside. At home we can make our own, eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium and so on. The minerals that the human body needs every day. It is very good for health to eat soft-boiled eggs, but people often break the shell and affect the taste of the eggs. The most troublesome is peeling the eggs. In many cases, the eggs are easy to stick to the shell, which is not good. Peeling and wasting protein is very unsightly. Today I will teach you that boiled eggs are not broken and easy to peel.