Facebook is releasing a new tool that will enable users to transfer photos and videos from the social networking site directly to other services, starting with Google Photos.

Steve Satterfield, Director of Privacy and Public Policy shared in a news release that the photo transfer tool is based on code developed through the company’s participation in the open-source Data Transfer Project. The new tool can be accessed in Facebook settings within Your Facebook Information and all data transfers are encrypted. In addition, users have to enter a password before initiating a transfer.

The new photo transfer tool will first be available in Ireland from today, with worldwide availability planned for the first half of 2020. Facebook is currently testing the tool and will continue to refine it based on users’ feedback as well as conversations with global stakeholders such as policymakers, regulators, academics and advocates.

Source: Facebook via The Verge


隐私和公共政策总监Steve Satterfield在新闻稿中分享说,照片传输工具基于公司参与开源数据传输项目开发的代码。可以在您的Facebook信息中的Facebook设置中访问该新工具,并且所有数据传输都已加密。此外,用户必须在启动传输之前输入密码。


资料来源:通过The Verge的Facebook