It refers to a person’s fortune status in a certain year. For the Year of the Rabbit, what will be your fortune in 2023? In the spiritual number of life, THE YEAR’S FORTUNES is a 9-year cycle, which also represents your life cycle law, so every year there will be a personal THE YEAR’S FORTUNES number.

Figure out your THE YEAR’S FORTUNES numbers

Add “2023” to your birth month and day, and add up all the numbers to get your life number. If you get a two-digit number, add the numbers until you get a one-digit number, and that’s your “THE YEAR’S FORTUNES”:

Example: November 11, 2023

The sum is 2+0+2+3+1+1+1+1=11, and then it is 1+1=2, which is “THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 2”;
Another algorithm is to add up directly without splitting them into singular numbers. Taking November 11, 2023, as an example, 2023+11+11=2045 can be used to obtain the single digit 2+4+5=11, and then It is 1+1=2, also “THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 2”.

The resulting “THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 2”, let’s take a look at the analysis of 2023 THE YEAR’S FORTUNES.

2023 “THE YEAR’S FORTUNES” Analysis

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 1: Creation, Confidence, Beginning
“1” represents a new start and a new chapter in your life. You may move into a new house, change new job, start a business, meet new friends, and develop a new relationship… This year, you need to learn how to recognize and Affirm yourself, try new things boldly, accept challenges, and breakthrough yourself.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 2: Communication, Cooperation, Balance
“2” represents the life cycle period, you need to learn to communicate and cooperate with others, and you will become indecisive, hesitant, and suffer emotionally when faced with many choices. This year, you must learn to be tolerant and accepting with a peaceful mind, so that you can see more possibilities and the future, and learn how to make choices that suit you.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 3: Action, Busy, Impulsive
“3” represents that the sown seeds are gradually sprouting, but they are very fragile, and more efforts are needed to better understand themselves and the road ahead. Many choices will bring major impacts. This year, learn how to face and adapt to various changes in your life, and practice your dreams amidst these changes.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 4: Stability, Program, Learning
“4” represents an important stage of a solid foundation, do not rush to express yourself, need to improve your ability steadily. Now that you know exactly what to do and when this year you need to decide how to put your ideals into action. This year, use your free time to recharge and learn new knowledge and skills.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 5: Direction, Diligence, Karma
“5” represents that the hard work in 2022 has presented various opportunities and opportunities, and there will be many choices to start reaping the first wave of results. You will start to be unable to restrain your curiosity, very eager to take risks, and want to test your results as soon as possible. This year, you need to grasp the opportunity well. As long as you make a choice, you must be responsible to yourself to the end and bear all the consequences.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 6: Wealth, Harvest, Sharing
“6” represents the period of giving back, and you will share the results with everyone. You, who are full of responsibility and lofty ideals, will start to reap and share your wealth, and at the same time, you need to start to face the depths of your heart. This year, you must balance the acquisition and sharing of wealth, be prepared to face feelings and hurts, and continue to walk your own path.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 7: Popularity, Gratitude, Cheerful
“7” represents the stage of being grateful for all the gains, and it is also a year of enjoying, relaxing, reviewing and learning from the past. It is time to be grateful for the gains in 2022. In the year of 2023, you have to face many changes and accidents, and whether these changes are good or bad depends on how you face and look at them.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 8: Feedback, Responsibility, Power
“8” means that you will get rich rewards, and you can give back to society, partners, and noble people who have helped you. You already have a stronger ability to withstand more tests and meet greater results. In 2023, you will have a strong desire to control, you will feel inexplicable responsibilities and pressures, and you need to be more patient when encountering communication problems.

THE YEAR’S FORTUNES 9: Success, Wisdom, Integrity
The “9” represents looking back and understanding that all cycles have an end and that there can be no success without the roots that preceded it. In 2023, it is time to take a good rest, let go of worldly things, relax and enjoy life, and more importantly, you need to purify your soul and prepare for the next cycle of life.

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