🌿 Music for meditation, studying, reading, getting a massage or going to bed. This music encourages relaxation and aids in the elimination of negative energy, making it perfect for coping with worry, tension, or sleeplessness. Additionally, they can utilize this music as a background while they meditate or unwind while they sleep.

🌿Greetings from the Relax for Life channel. They can lower the level of the film and begin studying, working, reading, or simply unwinding or sleeping peacefully.

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🌿 放鬆、冥想、學習、閱讀、按摩、水療或睡眠的音樂。 這種音樂非常適合應對焦慮、壓力或失眠,因為它可以促進放鬆並有助於消除不良情緒。 他們還可以將這種音樂用作冥想或在睡眠中放鬆的背景。

🌿歡迎來到Música磁場頻道。 他們可以調低視頻音量,開始做任何他們想做的事情,比如學習、工作、閱讀……或者只是放鬆或睡個好覺。


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