Wolfberry, Honey and Chinese Yam Cold Dish, 凉拌枸杞蜂蜜鲜山药

Serves 4


2 tbsp Eu Yan Sang Manuka Honey 15

500g fresh Chinese yam

2 tbsp vinegar

2 tbsp wolfberry

1 tbsp water


Peel Chinese yam and rinse, cut into strips or slices. Add vinegar and marinate for 2 mins, then rinse under water tap. Soak in slow running water for at least 30 mins and drain. Wrap with cling film and keep into refrigerator for later use.

Soak wolfberry for 5 mins. Pour the water out and rinse, then blend with 1 tbsp water to become paste. Remove and keep into refrigerator for later use.

To serve: Remove fresh Chinese yam and arrange onto serving plate. Mix honey and wolfberry paste into small bowl, pour it onto Chinese yam or serve as dipping sauce.

Tips: Wear plastic gloves before peeling Chinese yam to avoid coating mucus in yam which causing itchy skin. Apply vinegar on skin to relieve itching if your skin is accidentally coated.

Nutritional Tips: Fresh Chinese yam can be squeezed for juice. Chef Chua turned fresh Chinese yam into appetizing crisp serve with honey wolfberry dipping sauce by using his own creativity. Chinese yam also known as huai shan. It helps to strengthen the spleen and lungs, whet appetite, moisten liver and stomach and have a good therapeutic function. Wolfberry is a traditional herb which helps to nourish lungs and kidneys, improve eyesight.

**Warm reminder: The article is for reference only and cannot be used as a basis for consultation. It must be based on the opinions of doctors.
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